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Welcome to M.A.C Weddings July 19, 2010

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In Second Life there is so many choices in almost everything, music, photography, clothing, skins, shapes and so on. This is true with Weddings… the most amazing thing about Weddings (to me) is that you can share a wonderful moment with your friends and family. This holds true in SL and RL. The great thing about SL is that you CAN have everything you want and limitations are far less..

About us…

Mo Lyle, Altair Orellana and Crain Lorefield make up M.A.C Weddings. On the beautiful Cherub SIM we offer 1/4 of it with up to 3k Prims for your wedding so the options are truly endless..

Our goal is to bring you the best service and help you fufill your hopes and dreams for your perfect wedding. MAC Weddings has professionals in DJing, Photography, Landscaping/Decorating, and Officiating to help you put together your own special and custom service, reception, and more.

Though most of our services focus on using our land and staff, you are more than welcome to bring in outside services, or ask for ours at a different location.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to IM Mo Lyle, or Altair Orellana!

-=Wedding Packages=-

-Platinum Package: L$6500
–Our Platinum package includes all the services M.A.C. Weddings provides, including your own custom-made wedding environment, reception, officiant, photographer, DJ, and wedding decorator.

-Gold Package: L$4500
–Our Gold package includes 4 out of our 6 services listed below in one low price, your choice!

-Silver Package: L$3000
–Our Silver Package includes 3 out of our 6 services at a low price, your choice!

-Bronze Package: $1500
–For those couples who don’t want a big to-do or don’t have a guest list, this elopement package is for you. Pick one of our wedding environments and enjoy a special ceremony with your loved one. Officiant included, along with 1 or 2 photographs.

-=Services=- (seperate prices)

–Land: We have a great assortment of different wedding themes and environments for you to choose from. Each wedding theme costs just a little different, ask your wedding representative for more information or a tour!

–Reception: We also offer many different reception areas for you to have a great party with your loved ones and friends to celebrate your special day. Ask your wedding representative or a tour!

–Officant: L$1300
-Our officiants take the greatest care in putting together the wedding ceremony to fit your needs, and will work together with you to make your special day the best it can be.

–Photographer: L$300/L$400 per edited photo
-We work very closely with Orellana Studios to capture your wedding day in pictures for you. All wedding poses commonly found in SL are provided too!

–DJ: L$1000 per hour w/o tips, L$500 w/tips.
-Having a DJ during the ceremony and reception makes the day that much more special!

–Wedding Decorator: varies
-Our Wedding Decorator can make the wedding of your dreams come true, using our own wedding environments, your own, or creating something totally new!


-If you book a wedding or service prior to 5 business days in advance, 50% of the total amount is due at booking. The remainder is due before the bride walks down the aisle.
-If you book a wedding or service less than 5 business days in advance, a 5% service fee will apply to the total amount due.


-Cancellation of services prior to 24 hours before the wedding will result in no charge.
-Cancellation of services after 24 hours before the wedding will result in a 10% charge of the total amount.


Our officiants, DJs, and photographers are available in-house from 10am SLT, to midnight SLT most every day of the week. Our wedding decorator is by appointment, so please be sure to schedule in advance.


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